Cryo Stimulation . Sports Massage . Compression Therapy . Dry Needling

Are you interested in a new way to manage the stress and tension that everyday life throws at you?

Discover Cryo offers you new and innovative treatments to help you deal with those everyday situations.

Treatment for Everyday Life.

Cryo Stimulation

"Thermic Shock"  the use of extreme cold and high pressure to 

treat pain and inflammation faster and more effectively.    

Integrated Dry Needling

Therapy of Muscle Pain,  techniques for both pain  management, rehabilitation and performance.

Therapy of Muscle Pain,  applying the techniques for both pain 

management, rehabilitation and performance.  

Sports Therapy Assessment and Treatment

Body Fit, maintain your optimal body fitness. Physical, 

physiological and psychological benefits.

Compression Therapy

Maximise Circulation through the body to help you look 

better, train harder, and recover faster.