Arlene Brock BSc Hons


After being involved in sport throughout my school days, I always had an interest in sport, never good enough to make a playing career I decided to look at the prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of sports injuries. 


With nearly 20 year’s experience in sports therapy, I am opening my own premises to help enhance the prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of everyone with everyday injuries through treatments for everyday life.  I have taught sports massage, sports injuries, fitness and sports coaching for over 17 years whilst working for local sports clubs/ teams and privately. 


I am currently involved in quality assurance of sports active fitness & leisure qualifications for VTCT across Ireland. This gives me lots of insight into what is currently trending in the sports active fitness & leisure industry in terms of fitness regimes, training methods, injury – prevention, treatment & rehab. 

From all my experience over the years, the one thing that I have learnt is that you must move with the times, willing to learn, research and offer new techniques for enhancing injury recovery. 

My recent research and training has been in cryo stimulation. Similar idea to cryo submersion tanks (ice baths), however it is a lot quicker, site specific – therefore beneficial for injury recovery without having to get your whole body cold and it is transportable.   

Relevant Qualifications

  • BSc Hons Degree Sports Coaching 2:1                     Ulster University
  • HND  Sports Therapy                                                      Edinburgh's Telford College
  • VTCT Level 1- 5 Sports Massage                                  South West College
  • CRYOStimulation – Kaasen Devices CRI LABS       Sports Therapy Scotland
  • Functional Integrated Dry Needling Module 1/2  Sports Therapy Scotland